Automotive Industry

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More than a thousand companies produce original parts for the main industry companies in order to produce parts in the supply chain in Turkey. There are many sub-industry companies that directly supply original parts to the vehicle manufacturing industry and enter international markets with quality products. We supply automotive parts from the manufacturers we cooperate with and export them to international companies.

Vermilion, an import-export consultancy specialising in the automotive industry,

Provides a comprehensive suite of services across various sectors.

Our services encompass bespoke import-export consulting for the automotive
sector, offering personalised assistance for all your international motor vehicle trade requirements.

Before delving into our services, it’s worth clarifying what we mean by the term “automotive”. It is a vast industry with multiple components. These encompass motor vehicles as well as the full process of their creation and development. However, the sector extends further, featuring spare parts and original equipment. Thus, when discussing import-export resolutions for the automotive industry, like those provided by Vermilion, all these components are inherently included. This means that our company acts as an intermediary for the supply and marketing of all these components, both nationally and internationally.

Our services for the automotive sector

Have a significant advantage as our company is based in Turkey, a leading country in the industry. In 2022, Turkey’s automotive exports were valued at approximately £11 billion, with almost three-quarters of production being exported, primarily to European nations. Hence, it’s undeniable that our role as import-export consultants for the automotive industry is not only firmly established, but it’s also almost innate. In practical terms, our aim is to assist you in a highly profitable market. As a case in point, we provide a support scheme for small-scale production firms who are considering becoming subcontractors for global brands. We establish contacts that are vital for exporting Turkish automotive components. Likewise, we steer companies based outside the country towards Turkish automotive parts suppliers in search of new partnerships.

If you belong to the second category, Turkey presently accommodates over a thousand manufacturers that produce original parts. Turkey is also an impressive producer of vehicles, wherein Anadolu Isuzu, Ford Otosan, Oyak Renault, and BMC are some of the companies included. These manufacturers have significantly contributed to Turkey becoming the largest supplier of buses, minibuses, midibuses, and light commercial vehicles, including passenger cars, in the European Union. On the purely logistical side, Vermilion can also arrange your transportation and storage operations. It’s self-evident that the road transportation of car parts in Turkey relies on an extensively developed infrastructure network. However, if necessary, we provide other transport alternatives. With regard to storage, Vermilion arranges the most appropriate parking spaces for your journey.

Customs advice for the automotive sector is one of our service specialities

Our import-export consultancy team ensures that all administrative tasks are handled with care. They will guide you through obtaining the necessary documents and inform you of the applicable legislation. Variations exist depending on whether you are an importer or an exporter, and depending on the country of origin and destination. As part of the campaign against counterfeiting, certain countries may require additional photographs aside from the usual certifications. Moreover, materials’ packaging must conform to particular regulations such as using pallets and crates to aid in identifying the goods. At Vermilion, we provide aid in tackling procedures that may seem intricate at first. Our expertise is available to demystify them and streamline your journey.


1-Could you provide more information regarding Vermilion’s customs advice for the automotive industry?
Our customs advisory service begins by thoroughly examining the currently enforced regulations of the countries where your business operations will be conducted. Following this, we assist in the preparation of required documents and carrying out of official procedures. We are vigilant in identifying any potential risks or changes, allowing us to alert you promptly and collaborate on a fitting solution.
2-Are all these operations in your company conducted using digital technology?
Absolutely, it has become almost mandatory nowadays. Moreover, automating operations using digital technologies facilitates real-time monitoring, enabling us to swiftly and effectively intervene, regardless of the situation.
3-What kinds of automotive spare parts does Turkey manufacture?
Turkey produces nearly all types of spare parts required for the automotive industry, such as engines, engine components, chassis parts, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, safety features, brake components, as well as seats and glazing.