Construction Industry

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Our country is among the leading countries in the world in terms of production and export of construction materials. Especially cement, construction iron, iron-steel construction components, construction materials such as drywall, plastic and aluminum, ceramics, glass, paint, marble, cables, electrical materials and heating-cooling devices are some of the important products we export to world markets.While you are carrying out your turnkey projects, we support you to increase your profit margin by completing the customs and logistics procedures by delivering the products from the store or the manufacturer to your address.

Transport of building materials

Anyone who knows us will be aware that the term “building materials transport” is often associated with our company. This is one of our areas of expertise. Vermilion offers a number of solutions in this field, both in Turkey and abroad.

Some key points about the construction industry

The construction industry is generally divided into four different sectors:

– The industrial sector itself

– The institutional and commercial sector

– The civil engineering and roads sector

– The residential sector

This classification can vary between countries. It is essential, however, to bear in mind that the industry primarily encompasses the production and transportation of construction materials such as cement, glass, wood, structural iron, ceramics, marble, plastic, aluminium, and various alloys. Additionally, it includes diverse forms of blocks (for instance, breeze blocks), mortars, aggregates (sand, gravel, and so on), plaster, steel, and paint. Let us not overlook finished and semi-finished products, including cables, electrical supplies, drywall, piping, window sills, and heating and cooling apparatuses.

This sector revolves around the production and exchange of these materials. It is crucial, and rightfully so, as it affects all other industries. Households and individuals require it for housing, whereas businesses depend upon it for their establishments. One of the industry’s largest hurdles is ensuring the secure transfer of these materials across diverse international markets. Firms like Vermilion, who claim expertise in the carriage of building materials, are suitably equipped to undertake such a formidable task.


Our company, Vermilion, provides services to the construction industry

We are based in Turkey, operating on a national level and beyond. Our expertise includes advising on international transport of construction materials, which is one of the areas where our widespread network of professional partnerships excels. With employees located throughout the world, we pride ourselves on our performance and commitment to quality. For any routing process you may wish to establish, our company can quickly arrange and mobilise multiple relays.

These relays comprise the numerous agents engaged in the import and export of building materials, including transport companies. Vermilion analyses the unique features of your products to suggest the best-suited solution. For instance, the transportation of bulk materials (such as gravel), differs greatly from exporting fragile objects like glass. While certain items will be dispatched to temporary locations, others will necessitate door-to-door delivery. Our purpose, as a mediator, is to steer you towards the safest and most economical approaches. Additionally, it is our duty to select a rational and secure itinerary.


Customs management for building

Materials “Transporting building materials involves customs management which is an integral aspect of international trade in this area. It is worth noting that this sector operates under its own codes and regulations. Moreover, not all categories of materials are subject to the same customs duties, with the obligations varying depending on the trade zones involved.”

Your company will likely require expertise to navigate the complexities of customs clearance. Vermilion can offer you valuable insight. Our team of specialists possesses extensive knowledge of different regions and their respective markets. For instance, they can ascertain if you are eligible for exemptions on specific goods. They are available to review your administrative documents, making sure they are current and meet the requirements of your desired market.


1-What is the most effective method for storing my building materials?
The optimal storage solution relies mainly on the type of materials. Nonetheless, containers are commonly the answer. The selection is immense, encompassing dry, open-top, flat rack, reefer, and other varieties. Our team will ensure you make the appropriate choice.

2-I require forklift trucks for unloading purposes, but I am unsure of the process to acquire them. Could you provide assistance? Certainly, Vermilion can aid you.
Therefore, we can offer guidance to relevant companies to address every stage of your project. We have experience dealing with several suppliers in our professional partnership network.

3-If I am importing concrete reinforcing bars, may I request their delivery to my store?
Certainly, we offer various delivery options tailored to your requirements. You can receive your goods either in-store or at a warehouse or another location of your choosing.