Customs and Logistics Service

We follow the customs clearance and logistics process from our logistics warehouse to the delivery to the address with the companies we cooperate with in the sector.

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Customs clearance

Our import and export customs clearance service is not limited to Turkey’s customs clearance process, but thanks to our cooperation with customs agencies in Europe, we provide agency support in customs clearance services on behalf of our business partners in case of need.


By analyzing the needs of business partners in road transport in the best way, we provide solution partnerships to our customers with dynamic service management and development.

We mediate your transportation services in full and partial transportation activities to all European and other countries, especially Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Morocco, Tunisia and Portugal, by never compromising the protection of the brand value of business partners, by using the solution creativity and fast action ability at the highest level.

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What is a logistics consultancy service?

Broadly speaking, it is a set of specialised services designed to facilitate customs and logistics operations in the context of international trade (import and/or export). These services cover a number of stages, from administrative formalities (customs declarations, etc.) to the transport of a given commodity.

As a logistics service provider who is also an expert in customs matters, Vermilion can support you throughout the entire process.

What is included in customs services?

– Assistance in making your project profitable. The Vermilion team will inform you of any preferential tariffs based on geographical zones and free trade agreements. It will take the necessary steps to ensure that you benefit from a refund of customs duties and charges. The main objective is to enable you to carry out your commercial transactions at a lower cost.

– Detailed digitisation of your data. There are now a number of digital media available for recording information relating to customs and logistics operations. Several countries and/or groups of countries offer portals (such as Single Window Trade) to facilitate the traceability of data and procedures. Vermilion can help you choose the most appropriate option for your type of business and activities.

– A customs clearance process without compromise. Vermilion will work with you to calculate the duties and taxes payable. Our team is also there to prepare your declarations in order to obtain the necessary authorisations and to organise inspections. We assess your situation as closely as possible to determine whether any special principles apply (inward or outward processing, customs warehousing, etc.). We carry out all the checks relating to your import and export activities to minimise any risk.




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What sectors do you provide customs and logistics services for?

Our services are eclectic. Thanks to the diversity and, above all, the high level of development of our infrastructures, we are able to offer our services to a large number of sectors. This also applies to customs and international logistics.

We do, however, have a few sectors of choice. These are the ones with which we are used to working more often than others. It goes without saying that we tailor our assistance with customs and logistics operations to the specific features of the sectors in question. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

– Textile and clothing sector

– Construction industry

– Automotive industry

– Furniture industry

– Plastic and paper packaging industry

– Steel industry

Why choose Vermilion Professional Services?

Our professional experience is not based solely on the number of projects we have worked on to date. Rather, it is based on an ethical approach that focuses on excellence and reliability.

As a national and international logistics consultant, we are committed to constantly updating our expertise. Vermilion keeps a close eye on changes in various markets and adapts its strategy accordingly. This flexibility also explains our ability to work with a variety of sectors.

But more importantly, our dedication to our customers is long-term. The Vermilion team takes ownership of your project from start to finish, and stays by your side even when the unexpected happens. So working with us means more than just signing a contract. Rather, it means you gain a travel companion you can count on in all circumstances.

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1-Which countries do you work with?
Vermilion is an international company. We provide assistance with customs and logistics operations in several European and other countries. Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Tunisia are the countries in which we are most active.

2-What type of transport is most profitable for my company?
The answer will depend on the type and volume of your goods, as well as the characteristics (accessibility, etc.) of your target destination. You can consult our experts for an in-depth study of your case. That way you’ll get the most reliable, cost-effective solution for your business.

3-What is a logistics depot?
A logistics depot or warehouse is a space for storing goods. What sets it apart from other types of depot is that it can perform additional functions. It can be used for packaging, labelling, loading and unloading products, etc.