Furniture Industry

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Germany, France, the Netherlands and Spain are the EU’s largest furniture consumers in Turkey’s world furniture exports. These countries are affected by the characteristics of different cultures in terms of their population structure, open to the outside, traveling a lot, and multi-cultural people in furniture consumption. Sitting groups and kitchen furniture are the most demanded product groups in the EU furniture market. We organize the delivery process, customs legislation and logistics procedures from the store until to the address of our customers who prefer original designs.

Import-export Consultancy for the Furniture Industry

The furniture industry, also known as the furnishings industry, is constantly growing. Our company originated in Turkey, a global manufacturer and exporter of various types of furniture. Due to rising demand, particularly from European Union countries, Vermilion is now specializing in import-export consultancy for the furniture industry.

The furniture industry is a vast and diverse

Sector that mainly involves the mass production of furniture pieces for use in various settings such as private homes, hotels, offices, schools, and hospitals. Additionally, there is an older production method that still finds use today, that of handicrafts. However, this method is usually reserved for the limited production of one-off or small series of furniture pieces. The Turkish furniture industry employs both techniques. Turkish workshops and factories manufacture furniture and accessories for homes, restaurants, and various public and private facilities. The materials utilized are of high quality and endurance, such as cedar, oak, and walnut, and precious metals such as silver, bronze, and copper. All of these factors account for the considerable demand from foreign markets. In Europe, the most significant consumers are primarily the heterogeneous and multicultural countries such as Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands. Therefore, our furniture import and export strategies are exclusively dedicated to them, as well as other interested countries.

What is included in our services?

Our consultancy services for import and export in the furniture industry aim to guarantee that every phase of your business project is carefully planned. Firstly, we assess the essence of your inquiry. The situation surrounding your request will assist us in pinpointing the styles that are best suited to your needs. What do we imply? For instance, furniture intended for use in a restaurant will probably differ from that needed for a hospital complex. Once we have obtained this data, we will connect you with producers and suppliers that align with your specific search criteria. Alternatively, if you have already identified suitable contacts, we can support you in setting up a partnership by acting as an intermediary.

Road logistics is another one of our services offered at Vermilion, in which we specialise in the transportation of furniture. We understand that handling fragile, new and/or pre-assembled items can be challenging and not all transport services are adequate. That’s why we only refer our clients to qualified professionals that our team is used to working with. Our transport partners are experts in handling and moving your goods safely and securely. In most cases, furniture is exported using padded lorries and other protective equipment. A reliable consultancy in the import-export of furniture always considers the customs clearance stage. Therefore, Vermilion provides specialist knowledge of customs procedures for furniture in order to alleviate your administrative burden. We assist you in the collection and organisation of invoices, packing lists, licenses, certifications, and all other necessary documentation. Further, our expertise in diverse customs regimes across various geographical areas offers guidance on taxes and other requirements. We ensure that you take advantage of legal exemptions wherever feasible.


1-Can I rely on you to import new furniture?
Absolutely. We pay special attention to furniture logistics. Our transport partners are highly skilled in handling and driving special vehicles. Whatever your goods may be, they will ensure their safe loading, routing, and unloading.
2-What is the tax rate for developing the furniture industry in France?
The DGDDI states a rate of 0.18%, but a case-by-case approach is often taken. Our team can provide a thorough consultation on this matter.
3-Which types of furniture are the most suitable for import from Turkey?
Turkey produces and sells almost all imaginable types of furniture. Therefore, you have a wide array of choices. In addition to its specialized industrial zones, the country has various partnerships with global brands and boasts of high-quality local brands.