Import – Export Consultancy

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We are building a bridge to global markets for companies that want to do foreign trade.

  • Monitoring import and export operations
  • Preparation of customs and logistics documents
  • Application of customs procedures and shipping methods
  • Customer risk management, financial risk reduction

We facilitate your import and export operations by optimising logistics costs and supply planning.

What does international trade and import-export consultancy mean?

Let’s start by defining what is meant by the terms import-export consultancy. First of all, it should be remembered that they generally appear in the context of a model of economic exchange commonly known as international trade. Basically, this is the exchange of goods, property and/or services between two (or more) countries. Depending on which side the players involved in this exchange are on, we speak of importing (buying foreign goods, i.e. from another country) and exporting (selling goods to another country).


So far so complicated. This type of economic exchange has existed since the dawn of time, and is therefore well known to the business world. This is even more true in recent decades, which have been marked by globalisation. However, international trade involves a number of stages and procedures that are not always easy to master. That’s where solid expertise comes in. As you will have realised, this is also where our import-export consultancy comes into its own, or its raison d’être, as it were. The consultancy in question is an elaborate professional aid designed to guide you through the entire trade process. When you decide to consult a firm such as ours, you are signing up for services designed to help you better organise your business initiatives. Let’s take a look at these services.


Conseiller en importation et exportation

What is included in Vermilion’s import-export consulting service?

It’s not just one, but several complementary import/export consulting services. In other words, a whole range of services designed to provide you with the best possible support at every stage.

Identifying (?) potential customers and suppliers

Every commercial project begins, or at least should begin, with a market study. At least, that’s one of the prerequisites at Vermilion and the way we go about things. We conduct our market research based on both your company’s specific needs and the target country(ies) you plan to work with.

Your sector and your company’s specific profile guide us in selecting the most appropriate business partners. Once the selection has been made, our import-export consultancy will help you make the necessary contacts. Thanks to the information files we create for your company, your potential customers know exactly what to expect. They can clearly see what you have to offer and under what conditions. The same goes for your future suppliers, who get a precise idea of what you’re looking for.

Import and export procedures

The import-export procedures begin with the second part of the market study. In other words, once you’ve drawn up a list of potential customers and suppliers, it’s time to look at how to access the target country or countries. Our export consultancy team can help you with your research. First of all, they can provide you with information on any preferential agreements between countries. There may in fact be certain additional advantages (exemptions, etc.) depending on the different geographical areas.

Our experts in import-export consultancy will also show you the best points of entry to a given country. In other words, those with the least burdens and obligations for your company and budget. We also study your potential competitors so that you can make the necessary adjustments in terms of price, product range, etc. For example, you may need to modify and adapt some of your products to local requirements and/or preferences.

Delivery of goods is another essential aspect. We can help you choose the most appropriate mode of transport for your needs. We take into account not only the type of goods being transported, but also the regulations in force in the countries involved in the exchange. In the end, whether by road, rail, air or sea, you’ll know you’ve made the best choice thanks to Vermilion’s expertise. Note that intermodal transport may be preferable for remote or more difficult-to-access destinations.

Whether you are an importer or an exporter, you will also have a number of customs clearance procedures to complete. Here again, our team will work with you to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your goods are safe.

Preparing import-export documents and monitoring customs operations

The documents required will depend on a number of variables, such as your sector of activity, type of company, type of goods, country of origin, target country(ies), etc. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most commonly used documents:

– Commercial invoice

– Packing list

– Import and/or export licences

– Nomenclature of the goods being transported

– Certificate of origin

– Certificates/authorisations specific to the product(s) (inspection, health, etc.)

– Customs representation mandate (applicable to third parties)

– Intra-Community VAT (value added tax) number

– Customs clearance forms

Our import-export advisory team will study your business project in detail and provide you with the necessary guidance. In the event of any changes concerning your target country (signing of new international agreements, etc.), we will inform you as soon as possible.

Vermilion will be at your side throughout the customs clearance process. We ensure that operations run smoothly by maintaining regular contact with your partners abroad.

Customer risk management

As an import/export assistant, Vermilion also takes care to minimise any risks you may encounter in your transactions. We pay particular attention to customer risk. Our company carries out a number of checks at different levels. For example, for trade that takes place within the EU (European Union), we systematically monitor the identification of your trading partners via the EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number. Our investigation criteria vary, of course, from one geographical area to another. We take the measures that are most relevant to your situation.

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Optimising logistics costs and supply planning


At Vermilion, we assist in selecting practical and cost-effective options for transport, storage, customs clearance, and other needs. By evaluating the countries with which you do business, we can identify lucrative deals that provide reductions and exemptions (such as for specific taxes), allowing you to benefit.

Our import-export consulting team prioritises sourcing. We take necessary measures to ensure speedy delivery for importers. For exporters, timely delivery of products is guaranteed through regular communication with suppliers. We take necessary measures to ensure speedy delivery for importers.


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1-Does Vermilion offer after-sales service for our import-export advice?
Yes, we do. All of our services include after-sales support, and our team is ready to help with inquiries, recommendations, or grievances.

2-Regarding your question about a VAT number, is it mandatory for my company?
Yes, if your company is registered for VAT and incorporated in an EU Member State. We recommend that you contact our team to confirm.

3-Could you advise on the length of the customs clearance process?
It usually takes one to two days. However, each case is unique, and the necessary duration depends on various factors such as the countries involved and the type of goods being imported or exported.