Climate change and environmental issues facing our world have become a growing concern. However, instead of falling into despair, we believe that we can step into a more cleaner future by acting together. Here, we set out with the motto “Together We Fight Carbon Footprint for a cleaner future” and focus on our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

A carbon footprint is a metric that measures the environmental impact of an individual, a company’s or a country’s greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, activities such as the use of fossil fuels and energy production cause greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere. These gases contribute to climate change along with the greenhouse effect. By measuring the amount of this emission, the carbon footprint helps to raise awareness of individuals and institutions on climate-friendly behaviors.

Reducing the carbon footprint provides many benefits as well as reducing negative impacts on the environment. While we protect our health by breathing cleaner air, we contribute to the more sustainable use of natural resources. At the same time, we gain economic advantages with steps such as increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources. By reducing our carbon footprint, we fulfill our responsibility to leave a more livable world to future generations.

  We are acting together to take environmentally friendly steps with the slogan of “We Fight Carbon Footprint for a cleaner future together”. In this struggle, the contribution of each individual, institution and society is of great importance. These steps take shape in a wide range from what can be done at the individual level to measures that spread to the business world and society in general.

As Vermilion Foreign Trade, we give importance to the management of harmony with the planet and humanitarian issues, with a new understanding of business and economy, and we pay attention to supporting social benefit and welfare, common development and development.